Structure and Architecture

Structure and architecture effortlessly combined: The Nomadic Museum: Shigeru Ban, architect.

Structure and Architecture are inseparable. Without structure there is no architecture.

Structure is fundamental. If the structure of a building fails the building will collapse.

The form of a structure is determined by the form of the building it supports. Architectural design is also structural design.

Appreciation of a work of architecture without an understanding of its structural makeup is superficial.

The performance of a structure is almost entirely dependent on all aspects of its form: its overall form and the detailed shapes of its components in longitudinal profile and cross-section.

The performance of a structure can be judged visually, based on an understanding of structural archetypes and structural principles.

Structural design is a visual process.

The structure of a building accounts for a high proportion of its embodied energy.

Design for low carbon is futile without consideration of structure.

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